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Jacob Mann

Creator, Producer, Photographer, Speaker

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Crafting Digital Artistry with Precision

Jacob Mann is a Creative Studio Producer with a flair for turning fresh ideas into impactful digital experiences. Specializing in photography, videography, and digital marketing, Jacob applies his knowledge, experience, and creative instincts to elevate content across various platforms. His expertise ensures every project resonates with authenticity and precision.




Digital Marketing

Speaking Engagements


Jacob’s lens captures more than images; it encapsulates moments, turning them into a powerful narrative for brands and events.


From storyboard to screen, Jacob’s videography skills weave visual tales that engage and inspire audiences.


Jacob brings events to life in real-time, delivering seamless livestream experiences that connect and captivate.

Digital Marketing / SEO

With Jacob’s strategic approach, digital marketing campaigns achieve unrivaled visibility and impact, bolstering SEO with content that resonates.

Professional Highlights

Delve deeper into the facets of Jacob Mann’s professional prowess. Each highlight unfolds part of Jacob’s multifaceted expertise in the digital realm, showcasing how his strategic vision and creative execution come together to produce exceptional content and campaigns.

Multimedia Storytelling

Translating brand visions into multimedia narratives, ensuring every video or podcast episode counts.

Community and Connectivity

Beyond the studio, Jacob’s community involvement and communications expertise reflect a deep commitment to making meaningful connections.

Education and Mentorship

Drawing from his business acumen, Jacob is a beacon for budding creatives, guiding through mentorship and practical wisdom.

Adventures in Creativity

Whether chasing storms or capturing life through his lens, Jacob embodies the spirit of adventure in every creative pursuit.

Technical Innovation and Expertise

With an enthusiast’s passion for technology and trends, Jacob’s role goes beyond production; he’s constantly innovating and adapting to the latest developments in digital marketing, ensuring technical excellence in every aspect of content creation.

About Jacob

Jacob hails from Michigan but grew up in Indianapolis, the city he calls home. His passion for photography sparked at a young age, leading him to buy his first camera, a Minolta-X7A, at the age of twelve. Self-taught, he practiced his photography while traveling with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir. His high school years expanded his interests to include film development and video production, setting the stage for his future career.

Jacob’s experience with film cameras has been a cornerstone of his approach to teaching digital photography skills; He believes that understanding the constraints of film, where each shot counts, encourages a thoughtful approach to digital photography. He emphasizes the importance of mastering manual settings to truly enhance one’s skills, advocating for the tangible experience of a manual camera as a fundamental learning tool.

After working as an Enterprise Customer Engineer for nearly 15 years with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Jacob moved into the world of Digital Marketing in order to better utilize his creative side.  He currently manages a video streaming and podcast studio in Indianapolis, and produces award winning podcasts as well as entertaining and informative client videos. Jacob has worked with major brands, including the American Dairy Association, The Produce Moms, NinjaZone, Toyota USA, Indiana Fever Basketball, Great Wolf Lodge, Kings Island, and Nickel Plate Railroad. 



“I have known Jacob for 10 years and I have always found him to be upstanding and gentleman of impeccable character. He is a phenomenal servant leader and would be an asset to any team. “

“Need pics? Vids? Jacob and crew will not disappoint! They were on time, professional, detail-oriented, and talented! I’ve worked with Jacob multiple times and he’s great! Easy to get along with, helpful, and fun!”

“Jacob’s attention to detail and extensive knowledge on many topics make him a valuable asset to any team. His positive attitude and professionalism made him invaluable.”

“I’ve found Jacob to be enthusiastic, competent, and capable leader. I can confirm that attention to detail, effective delegation, and a capacity to make clear and direct decisions are critical skills which Jacob regularly displayed.”

“If I called upon Jacob I could be certain that no further action was needed from me. Great with customers and understanding of the customer experience that was required. “

“Jacob is absolutely the hardest working, most diligent person I’ve ever worked with. His commitment to making sure that everything is done perfectly is second to none. His mastery of technical issues is excellent, and his ability to communicate about those issues – even to a layperson – is superb.”

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